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Visiting rules

 Rules for visitors to the historical theatrical scale model "Peter the Great Aquatory".

        These rules are intended to ensure safety and security during visiting of the scale-model. These rules are mandatory for every visitor to the theatre and museum «Peter the Great Aquatory». 
        Purchase a ticket is considered as execution of contract according to which a visitor agrees to comply with following rules.

Visitors should:

  1. Enter the museum through the door with the sign «exposition beginning» and leave the museum through the door with the sign «EXIT».
  2. Show a ticket which permits a single visit to the museum at check point. Re-entry with the same ticket is not permitted.
  3. Keep a ticket till the end of visiting the exhibition and present it at request of the administration.
  4. If neglected objects are found, immediately inform the museum employees without trying to move these objects.
  5. In case of smoke, fire and situations which are dangerous for visitors and exhibition, immediately inform museum employees.
  6. Children under 14 should be accompanied by adults.
  7. Museum ticket offices close 40 minutes before the museum closes.

Visitors are forbidden:

  1. To pass through a turnstile without a ticket.
  2. To enter the exhibition in outer clothing.
  3. To take off sweatshirts, pullovers, vests, sweaters at the exhibition hall and carry them in hands, on bags or tie around the body.
  4. To enter the exhibition without shoes and clothes.
  5. To carry umbrellas of any sizes, balloons, flowers and other large objects at the discretion of museum employees.
  6. To enter office and industrial premisses without permission.
  7. To bring any drink, food, bags and clothes that can stain visitors clothes or parts of the exhibition .
  8. To drink any alcoholic or soft drinks, enter the museum being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other toxic substances.
  9. For safety reasons visitors are not allowed to bring following items:

– firearms, flammable, explosive, toxic, odorous and radioactive substances, sharps, pyrotechnics, laser pointers, narcotics, animals, suitcases and oversized bags.

  1. To damage and touch the maquette, tear away figures, put any objects on the maquette.
  2. To smoke at the museum (including electronic cigarettes).
  3. To get under the maquette.
  4. To run at the museum.
  5. Fight, insult the museum employees and visitors.
  6. Listen to audio using loud-speakers, use sound-amplifying equipment and play musical instruments.
  7. To use the museum to conduct any business, advertising and other activities without written permission of the administration of the museum.
  8. To ride scooters and bicycles, skateboard, roller-skate and use other sports equipment.
  9. To conduct any campaign activities addressed to the wider public.
  10. To stay at the museum after the exhibition closes.
  11. According to laws of the Russian Federation a visitor must compensate any damage caused to the museum equipment.

Visitors are allowed:

  1. To stay at the museum without time limitation during working hours.
  2. To use photo and video equipment.
  3. To use rented audioguides and binoculars.
  4. To use rails and steps to have better view, not hanging over the layout.
  5. To view the layout, take photos and record videos within the enclosure.

The museum administration reserves the right:

  1. To change working hours of the theatre-maquette.
  2. To use photos and videos with visitors filmed at the museum.
  3. To allow professional photo and video shooting.
  4. To organise excursion activities at the museum. Guided tours are allowed only with museum and tour operators guides and other organisations that made a contract with the museum administration.
  5. For safety reasons museum employees may ask visitors to pass through metal detectors. If a visitor refuses to be checked, the museum administration has the right to prohibit the access to the museum.
  6. The museum administration reserves the right to block the access to the exhibition in order to control the number of visitors.
  7. For safety reasons the museum administration has the right to perform video recording.
  8. The museum administration reserves the right to deny access of a visitor without giving a reason.

In order to avoid panic and accidents visitors should consider that:

  1. The exhibition is equipped with powerful sound and light effects.
  2. 2In order to simulate nightfall the exhibition area is shaded at regular intervals.
  3. 3Wet floor cleaning is regularly carried out.
  4. 4. Lifting a child up on shoulders visitors should consider the height of doorways and other structures.

In case of violation of the rules the employees of the historical theatre-maquette «Petrovskaya Aquatoria» have the right to take measures in order to ensure safety and comfort of visitors – to send off the offender or levy the fine. In case of losing or damaging the cloak-room tags, visitor pays 250 rubles as a fine.