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Vasilevsky Island

On the layout Vasilievsky Island is presented as an area from the Spit of Vasilievsky Island to modern Cadet (1st) line VO, also next to this portion submitted the island "Tuchkov buyan".


The part located near the column

There is a small piece of the column showing the coastline of Vasilevsky island, at the beginning of the construction of St. Petersburg.

The whole shore is covered with forest. Here is a small bathhouse, and next to it is represented bathing scene.

Gostiny Dvor and port

Sea Port located on Vasilevsky Island in the XVIII century, next to him was located Gostiny Dvor, similar by the form to the modern Gostiny Dvor, located in Sadovaya Street in St. Petersburg.

Different scenes of unloading merchant ships, which arrived in St. Petersburg, presented in the port.

There are large and merchant ships, barges and small boats, acting loading crane lifts cargo from the ship and transfers it to the wharf.

  Guard cabin, barriers are in the port, in order to protect the goods.

Gostiny Dvor was, in fact, a large wholesale market near the port.

Nowadays this old Gostiny Dvor does not exist, he was in the area of Vasilievsky Island, and was limited by Birgevaya line, Tiffliskaya str. and Makarov Embankment.

In those years, a lot goods were brought from abroad, in St. Petersburg did not have enough furniture, fine wood, utensils, clothing and much more.


Here you can see a scene of inspection of goods by customs officers, merchants, showing product test opening of the goods.

Right beside, the buyers are looking on products that brought merchants, selected utensils, shingles and Dutch tile.

Gostiny Dvor has no fundamental differences from the modern Gostiny Dvor, which located on the Sadovaya str.


Large covered gallery located in the downstairs, for the convenience merchants in rainy climates.

Office was located on the second floor above the store, inside each compartment was a ladder.

Each compartment was equipped in such a way that in case of fire, the fire did not affect the neighboring compartments.

Some merchants owned by several such shops.

Gostiny Dvor has not been preserved and  the port does not exist anymore, and only on the Tifliskaya street there is a small piece of the building, the former once Gostiny Dvor.