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Tuchkov buyan


Tuchkov buyan - an island, which arose in the middle of the Little Neva after the flood in 1726, there were warehouses for storage true hemp and wood, which were sent for export.


There are scenes of  loading and unloading ships and barges and weighting goods.


Warehouses of wood were highly flammable.


The canals were digging around them usually, or built on separate islands, such as warehouses for New Holland.


Extinguishing stage shown in the foreground. This scene is quite large, here are a few hand pumps (special device for pumping water, intended for fire fighting), one of them is acting.


Some characters scavenge around the smoldering and steaming conflagration, others - collect fragments in the water, others - watered the burning warehouse.


 Fire is shown by LEDs, also smoke rises over the burning warehouse. Furthermore, scene of extinguish a fire with the help of a special barge, represented on the water.