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The central part of Peterhof: from the modern Peterhof highway to the Gulf of Finland is shown in the layout.

Grand Peterhof Palace, the Upper Garden, Lower Park, fountains - this part of the St. Petersburg suburb has not changed much, over the centuries.

At the same location presented Monplisir Palace, which located in reality is much farther.

Layout area is limited, but we wanted to show Montplisir, as it is distinguished by its beauty and refers to the Petrine period.

Layout of Peterhof  is somewhat distorted to show the most interesting parts.

Here you can see the famous Peterhof fountains.

Center of the composition is the Grand Palace, which is represented in the layout as of mid-XVIII century: the central part of the palace, kitchen housing, stamp housing, the church housing.

Demonstration of life and entertainment of the nobility of the XVIII century is the main task of this section "Peterhof".

 Game of chess, fencing, archery, masquerade and dance are represented here.

 Ball scene is represented in the center. In Lower Park - masquerade, illuminations and fireworks on the background of the Gulf of Finland.

Celebration, presented in Peterhof, happened in 1755.

It was arranged by the Empress Elizabeth on the occasion of the completion of the construction of the Grand Peterhof Palace.

Arrival scene of the Empress Elizabeth in Peterhof presented at the entrance to the palace complex.

Montplisir includes the residence of the emperor, auxiliary facilities, Dutch garden and house (period of the beginning of construction Monplisir).


Here is a scene where Elizabeth, which rewards guard soldier for good service.

This soldier - the future great general Alexander Suvorov.

Between Peterhof and Oranienbaum presented village - palace farm with her ​​peasant life.

It shows the scene of harvest, as well as Guard Catherine II prancing along the road, who moves to Petershtadt to disarm holstein people.