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In 1721 Peter the Great approved the master plan of the fortress on Kotlin Island

He named the fortress as Kronstadt.On the island were built two palaces, presumably by architect Domenico Fontana, who was Italian.

Palaces were built in the style of the Italian Baroque.One of the palaces belonged to Peter the Great, the second  to  Menshikov A.D.

To equip the ships of the fleet, Peter the Great build a swimming pool on the island and the channel to it from the Gulf of Finland, in the future the channel received the name of Peter the Great.

In Kronstadt was supposed to build the largest for those times lighthouse in the world.

He had to reach 140 meters. Architect Michetti designed the lighthouse, but only the foundation was built for the lighthouse, then the building  was stopped.

Foundation for the lighthouse is shown on the scale-model. Warehouse of the ship's equipment was in the Kronstadt

The ship's hull was built at the Admiralty Shipyard, if the ship was of big displacement, it was put on the pontoons, as Nevsky fairway at that time was small, in some places a depth reaches of 6 meters.

On the scale-model you can see the ship, sailed to the ship channel on pontoons. The ship was introduced into the pool, where the masts, sails, rudder and steering gear, guns, anchors were installed on the ship.

After that, the ship sailed on the sea trials.