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“I want to say Thank you for a wonderful exhibition to all people who made it and who put a lot of effort to make people interest, wonder, amuse!

The little items, characters and, of course, moving ships are my favourite. By the way, after the excursion I looked through the exhibition photo book and I was very glad to see all the smallest parts of exhibition. I was also very pleased with the young guides, which were showing us moving figures and ships. We got used to see in the museums only frowning old ladies guides that don't allow to touch anything and now, at this exhibition it is real freedom for kids. It's really NICE! And yes, I'm talking about that magic green buttons that were pressed dozens of times)))

I'm sure we'll visit you more times. We've already recommended the exhibition to our friends!

A huge thanks to all the team and good luck!!!” Nina Faizulina


“We visited the exhibition by our whole family, we liked it very much. The next time we'll come to excursion and we'll bring our friends. Everyone must see this masterpiece. Thank you.” Natalia Zarembo



“On Saturday we visited it with children and came out very impressed. Thank you very much. A special thanks to the your staff member who told us about creating of this scale model before the excursion. The children listened him with bated breath!” Antonina Guseva