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Comments about modelling master-class.



“Thank you very much for your wonderful event! Everything was so realistic! Materials for children were interesting and wonderful! It was really good to work with such nice guides! People in the subway were looking at our painted wooden plank and we told them about Your exhibition! We wish you prosperity and we'll certainly visit this exhibition again!” Elisaveta Boroskaya


“I share Elisaveta's opinion, the master-class war really remarkable. We missed the school lessons not in vain)) all the materials and other stuff were wonderful!! My child made two boats and two trees! We'll wait for your next event – there wasn't enough time for making men figures to be completely happy!) Thank you very much!!!” Svetlana Plyuschakova


“I'm also sharing the above mentioned opinions! People who led this master-class were very attentive to kids! It was very delicate work – to tie a sail is very difficult for kids and a girl from the staff was patiently helping my child! And yes, all the materials are very good, really. Thank you.” Svetlana Tsvetkova


“Thank you very much for giving my child a very nice day! He came back from the master-class and was talking about it all day long)) He slept with his new-made boat and little tree)) He told me about one girl (Sonya?) from the group that led this master-class, that she made the lumberman figure that is his favourite. He wants to visit the exhibition one more time!))” Saida Danilova