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About the project

«Petrovskaya Akvatoria » - it’s a large scale model of St. Petersburg of 18th century.

It shows the reconstruction of the most significant sights of Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs, related to the Maritime history of the city in the scale of 1:87.
There is a water filled space, in the center of the exhibit , which imitates the water area of the city and on the periphery – models of architectural ensembles, facing the water.
All objects, including the lost, are recreated in the way they looked in the middle of the 18th century. Reconstruction of the architectural ensembles and landscape is not the main point of the exhibit.
It is only the decoration, in which unfolds a picture of life in the city in the time of the great Russian emperors from Peter I till Catherine the Great.
The originality of the exhibition is given by moving objects (figures of people, carriages, ships), light, sound and visual effects, which reliably reproduce the day and night cycle and also the change of the weather.
Different scenarios of the theatricalized actions are switched on both according the timetable and by pressing special buttons.
The own developments and know-how were used to implement the scenarios. Spit (Strelka) of Vasilyevsky Island without Rostral Columns, Menshikov’s homestead instead SpbGU (St. Petersburg State University), the first port of St. Petersburg, Masquerade in Peterhof, no longer existing fortress in Oranienbaum - all this was hard to imagine, but now you can see it with your own eyes!
Here are recreated ancient estates, parks, palaces. Some of them we will never see again...



Layout in numbers: 

Scale: 1:87

layout area 500 sq.m

more than 1000 houses

305 meters of roads

1,000 vehicles, including a moving carriages

20 tons of water

more than 100 ships

25,000 characters

20,000 LEDs